Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Reader Responses from 10-31-08 Blog

I’ve had two more readers respond to my blog on video surveillance (see: “Video Surveillance Book – 2nd Edition”), one via email and one posted on the blog site. E-mail from Mike The email came in from Mike at This isn’t the first time that Mike has responded to a video surveillance posting. This time he pointed me to an interesting article at about a video surveillance evaluation site. It seems that a British outfit (company? Individual? I am not really sure) Doktor John has developed a tool (VIPER, Video Image Performance Evaulation Report) to evaluate your existing video surveillance system. Well, not really, what he does do is to look at a JPG image from your fixed position cameras and provide an assessment of how the image could be improved. The improvement could be as simple as a focus or lighting change, to a lens change, a camera location change or just plain ‘get a new camera’. This is not really a system evaluation since there is no on-site visit to make sure that your system is looking where it should be. The evaluation is done in the UK, but that isn’t a major problem since the JPG file is emailed to him. The DoktorJohn web site does not give any prices but does provide this information:
“As this service is only available on request, there is a nominal fee for producing a report on each image submitted, although if you would like to give it a try, you can always submit a single picture file for assessment free of charge. If possible, JPEG images should be restricted to no more than 200Kb in size, although larger files can be forwarded subject to prior approval.”
For those interested you can email Doktor John at Comment Posted by Ron Ron posted this comment:
“Thanks to this post I found John's ebook.”
John Honovich will be very happy to hear that. Actually, I appreciate the feedback too. It is always nice to know that I am providing some service to my readers. It really is the only pay that I am getting for this blog.

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