Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Control Magazine Security Edition

The November issue of Control Magazine, a process control industry periodical, is featuring articles on chemical facility security. I have just had a chance to download a number of articles from their web site and thought that I should give them a little free publicity. There are seven articles about various aspects of security on their web site, including some rather in depth looks at process control security. Those articles include:
Access Control Defending Your Plant Carving Up Security Patches the Bad Dog Infrastructure Cybersecurity Is in Our Hands Secure Answers for a Risky Business
The last article, Nuclear Plant Security and Cyber Terrorism (the only .PDF docutment), is not really about chemical facility security, but the cyber security measures at nuclear plants may provide real good guidance for the Tier 1 high-risk chemical facilities. All other chemical facilities should at least take a look at what serious cyber security measures look like. As I have more of a chance to read these articles more closely, I’ll probably take a shot at reviewing one or more of them. If you have any opinions on these articles feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

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