Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surface Transportation Grant Programs

In yesterday’s Federal Register the Transportation Security Administration published a notice that it was issuing a new guidance document on a variety of surface transportation security improvement grants. That document was supposed to be available ‘on or about November 5’. As of 10:45 today (Nov 6th) the link provided in the notice still took one to the FY 2008 guidance documents. Transportation Security Grant Programs The two security grant programs that will be of the most interest to readers of this blog will be the Freight Rail Security Grant Program (FRSGP) and the Trucking Security Program (TSP). The notice provides a brief description of each of these programs.
“The FRSGP was created by the ``Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007'' (9/11 Commission Act).\1\ Section 1513 of the 9/11 Commission Act directs DHS to make funds for security improvement grants available to certain entities involved in or with the freight railroad industry and specifies the uses to which the funds may be applied. Currently, FRSGP funds are used for security plans, vulnerability assessments, and training for Class I, II, and III railroads.” “Currently, Trucking Security Program (TSP) funds are used to service an anti-terrorism and security awareness program for professionals and operating entities within the highway sector to include: (1) Participant identification and recruitment; (2) training; (3) communications; (4) information analysis and distribution; and (5) planning.”
Changes in Eligibility According to the Federal Register notice, “eligibility will not necessarily be limited to entities that have been eligible for funding under previous DHS grant programs.” This means that the competition for these grants will be expanding. Companies that are considering applying for these grants will need to get their applications in as soon as possible. Of course, the limiting factor there is the release of the guidance document.

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