Monday, November 3, 2008

DHS CSAT FAQ Page Update – 10-31-08

There was only one review/revision of FAQ answers this week. The one question dealt with an SVA question: 1433: When will I be notified if I have to complete a SVA? With only one question there is no reason not to include the complete answer provided on the FAQ page. This is especially true since this is only likely to affect facilities that have just completed their first Top Screen.
“DHS expects to review a facility's Top-Screen within 60 days of its submission. Upon completion of that review, facilities that are considered "high-risk" will be mailed a Preliminary Tier Determination letter that will notify the facility of its preliminary tier and deadline for completing a SVA that addresses the COI and security issue(s) identified by the Department. Facilities placed preliminary in Tier 4 will have the option of submitting an Alternative Security Program (ASP) to DHS in lieu of completing the CSAT SVA.”

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