Friday, February 23, 2024

Short Takes – 2-23-24

GOP shutdown fears grow: ‘We could be in a world of hurt’. article. Pull quote: ““Appropriations bills being the key issue of just basic job performance … It’s like showing up to work on time and passing your drug test. It’s like that basic level. It’s not saying you’re competent or good or anything else,” McHenry told CBS. “But we’ve done a terrible job with that.””

Issuance of Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directive 105-4; Cyber Risk Management Actions for Ship-to-Shore Cranes Manufactured by People's Republic of China Companies. Federal Register CG notice of availability. Summary: “The Coast Guard announces the availability of Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directive 105–4, which provides cyber risk management actions for owners or operators of ship-to-shore (STS) cranes manufactured by People's Republic of China (PRC) companies (PRC-manufactured STS cranes). The directive contains security-sensitive information and, therefore, cannot be made available to the general public [emphasis added]. Owners or operators of PRC-manufactured STS cranes should immediately contact their local Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) or District Commander for a copy of MARSEC Directive 105–4.

Moon landing: US clinches first touchdown in 50 years. article. Pull quote: “A host of small landers like Odysseus are expected to pave the way under NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program, designed to deliver instruments and hardware to the moon at lower costs than the U.S. space agency's traditional method of building and launching those vehicles itself.”

A little US company makes history by landing on the Moon. article. Pull quote: “The space agency believes that private companies will eventually get the hang of flying vehicles to the Moon. And once the service becomes more routine, it will cost NASA a fraction of the price it would pay for traditionally developed lunar services. In essence, then, NASA is taking some short-term risks for some long-term gains. It looks like one of those risks paid off Thursday.”

Seven Sukhois In Five Days. Ukraine’s Patriot Missile Crews Are Shooting Down Russian Jets Faster Than Ever. article. Pull quote: “Losing Avdiivka lit a fire under the Ukrainian air force. Where before, it was more cautious about deploying some of its Patriot quad-launchers—around 26 of which it got as donations from Germany, The Netherlands and the United States—near the front line, today the air force is more aggressive.”

US tracking high altitude balloon over Midwest. article. Pull quote: ““NORAD will continue to track and monitor the balloon. The FAA also determined the balloon posed no hazard to flight safety,” officials said in a statement. “NORAD remains in close coordination with the FAA to ensure flight safety.””

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