Thursday, February 22, 2024

Short Takes – 2-22-24

CISA ready to take CDM program into the world of OT. FederalNewsNetwork interview. Pull quote: ““From an asset management perspective, it’s starting to tackle those or continuing to tackle those other asset classes. The path and timeline will vary as you think across those different assets in terms of what that’s going to look like. But our objective is the same for all which is to have parity in terms of visibility,” he said. “Fundamentally, these devices are not radically different than some of our traditional endpoints. But there’s a much greater breadth of implementation and quirkiness, if you will, to some of these devices. We are now evaluating some of those products that have been introduced into the market in the past few years that are a little bit more purpose built and tuned for dealing with sensing on IoT devices. With traditional endpoints, it’s more straightforward where we can do things like deploy an agent, and that agent can run locally on that device to sense all of the needs and report back. With IoT, and with some of these other things that we need to report on and ensure we have visibility to in the network, that’s a little bit more like remote sensing, and so there’s some technical nuance there that we’re trying to isolate through the use of maybe some purpose built tools.””

Freedom Caucus pushes Speaker Johnson for full-year CR in absence of policy concessions. article. Pull quote: ““With the expiration of government funding rapidly approaching, negotiations continue behind closed doors and as a result, we anticipate text for likely omnibus legislation that we fear will be released at the latest moment before being rushed to the floor for a vote,” the caucus stated in the letter. “House Republicans should not be left in the dark on the status of the spending levels and hard-fought policy provisions.””

US lacks long-term sustainment plan for key Ukraine weapons, Pentagon watchdog says. article. Pull quote: “Another problem: It would be very difficult for the U.S. to replace the Patriot systems it gave to Ukraine, the report said. All the Patriot systems given to Ukraine came from U.S. training grounds, and more requests would be “painful” to fulfill, a Defense Department official said in the report.”

Vast seeks to bid on future ISS private astronaut missions. article. Pull quote: “Vast is first developing a human-tended single-module station, called Haven-1, that will launch on a Falcon 9. It will be visited by one or more crews on SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. Haot said that the Haven-1 program is fully funded for launch. “It’s launching at the end of next year,” he said. “The challenge is mostly execution.””

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