Tuesday, February 20, 2024

NHC Publishes New Product Update for 2024 Hurricane Season

Today, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center published a New Product Update, explaining new sources of information and changes to information presentation for the 2024 Hurricane Season. It provides information on the following topics:

• Spanish language advisory text products,

• Issuance of U.S. watches and warnings on Intermediate advisories,

• Extension of tropical storm (39 mph, 34 kt) and 58 mph, 50 kt)) wind radii forecasts to days 4 and 5,

• Weblinks in the Public Advisory,

• Change to the time zone reference in the eastern Pacific,

• Experimental Cone Graphic with a depiction of inland watches and warnings for the United States,

• Experimental international tropical cyclone rainfall graphics,

• New Marine Forecast Product “Offshore Waters Forecast for the southwestern North Atlantic Ocean”,

• Pronunciation of storm names,

• Social Media, and

• Find us on the Web

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