Friday, February 2, 2024

Review - FAA Publishes Droneport Research 60-day ICR Notice

Today, the DOT’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a 60-day information collection request (ICR) notice in the Federal Register (89 FR 7435-7436) for a new ICR on “Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration at Airports and Necessary Planning, Design, and Physical Infrastructure Needs”. The research information collection will be used to inform FAA efforts at integrating drone operations at existing airports or designing guidance and rules for the operation of droneports.

The FAA provides the following estimates for the burden associated with this ICR:

Request for Information

The FAA is soliciting public comments on this ICR. Comments may be submitted via the Federal eRulemaking Portal ( Docket #FAA-2024-0189). Comments should be submitted by April 2nd, 2024.


For more information on the background and purpose of this ICR, see my article at CFSN Detailed Analysis - - subscription required.

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