Saturday, February 10, 2024

CRS Reports – Week of 2-3-24 – Freight Rail Safety Legislation

This week the Congressional Research Service (CRS) updated a report on “Freight Rail Safety Legislation in the 118th Congress”. This report looks at legislation that has been introduced this session and the issues being addressed by that legislation.

The covered bills include:

• S 576)/H.R. 1674, Railway Safety Act of 2023

• HR 1633, Reducing Accidents In Locomotives (RAIL) Act of 2023

• HR 1238, Decreasing Emergency Railroad Accident Instances Locally (DERAIL) Act of 2023

• S 1044, Railway Accountability Act of 2023

• HR 1347, Don’t Block Our Communities (D-BLOC) Act of 2023

• HR 5871, Rail Worker and Community Safety Act of 2023

The following issues are discussed:

 •  Hazardous Materials Transportation by Rail:

⸰ High-Hazard Flammable Trains,

⸰ Tank Car Crashworthiness,

⸰ Train Braking, and

⸰ Emergency Response Training,

• Prevention of Train Derailments:

⸰ Wayside Defect Detectors,

⸰ Railcar Inspections and Inspector Qualifications,

⸰ Civil Penalties, and

⸰ Train Length,

• Other Issues and Legislative Proposals:

⸰ Blocked Crossings,

⸰ Crew Size, and

⸰ Confidential Close Call Reporting System.

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