Thursday, March 3, 2016

DHS Publishes PSP User’s Manual

This morning the DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) published a link on their Chemical Security landing page to the new manual for the personnel surety program tool for their on-line Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT). The new manual is the CSAT Personnel Surety Program (PSP) Application Users Manual. This manual describes the new PSP tool and how it will be used by CFATS covered facilities in meeting their site security plans personnel surety requirements under 6 CFR 27.230(a)(12)(iv).

The 36-page booklet describes the new tool and how to use it. Sections include:

• Privacy;
• Getting started;
• Logging in;
• Application menu;
• User roles;
• Submitting information about affected individuals;
• Manage alerts;
• Administration of accounts; and
• User defined fields

I’ll be going into the information provided in the manual in more depth in a future post. Facility security managers need to remember that they will be informed by ISCD when their facility will be starting the implementation of the PSP program and revising the site security plan and getting that revision approved will be the first step in implementation. ISCD has also stated that they plan to make Chemical Security Inspectors readily available to assist in the implementation process.

The take away from today’s release of this important new CSAT manual is that reviewing the manual’s description of how the PSP tool will operate should make it easier for each facility to decide which combination of the four PSP processes will work best for that facility.

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