Monday, March 7, 2016

Congressional Hearings – Week of 3-6-16

Only the Senate is in session this week, the House is “working in their districts”. For most of the House members, this means that they are working on their re-election campaigns. The Senate is only holding one hearing this week that may be of interest to readers of this blog. It will be a Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on the DHS budget on Tuesday. High-level conversation with the Secretary, don’t expect much in the way of details, but I would expect mentions of cybersecurity.

The Senate might get back to S 2012, the energy authorization bill, that has been held up over disagreements on including funding for programs to help the city of Flint, MI recover from its self-inflicted (or State inflicted, depending on how you look at it) drinking water contamination issues. There have been continuing behind the scenes negotiations on how to get passed this procedural impasse. We might see progress this week.

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