Friday, June 29, 2012

Per Organization Limit Increased for CSSS

Yesterday SOCMA, a cosponsor for next month’s Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS), tweeted that DHSS is temporarily opening registration for additional members from an organization to attend the CSSS. The original DHS web site notice said that, as has been the case in recent years, registration would be limited to only two people from a single organization. This had been done to allow more organizations to send representatives to the meeting.

The tweet points to the registration web site, but that page still has the note about the two attendee limit. The Chemical Sector Security Summit web page still contains the note:

“Due to space constraints, each organization, company, and agency will be limited to two (2) registrants.”

This kind of worries me because it indicates that there hasn’t been the level of registration that we have seen in prior years. If the registration isn’t oversubscribed as it has been since its inception, it will be harder to convince DHS and the industry sponsors to web cast essential parts of the meeting.

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