Saturday, June 9, 2012

ICS-CERT Publishes May Monthly Monitor

Yesterday the folks at ICS-CERT published the latest issue of their Monthly Monitor, a newsletter about all things concerning control systems security. Always an interesting read, this issue:

• Describes a thumb-drive incident;

• Explains complexities of international disclosure coordination;

• Discusses the ‘end of life’ for XP; and

• Recaps the ICSJWG Spring Conference.

As usual it includes their standard features:

• Recent ICS-CERT Product Releases;

• Open Source Situational Awareness;

• Up Coming Events; and

• Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.

There is one new feature that I would like to see in this newsletter. We all know that there is sensitive and/or classified cybersecurity information that ICS-CERT and US-CERT share with vetted individuals and organizations via their ‘Secure Portal’. It would be interesting to see an unclassified summary of that information included in the Monthly Monitor. I think this would encourage more organizations to try to get cleared for access to that information and it would give the rest of us unwashed individuals a better understanding of the state of the cybersecurity threat.

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