Monday, June 25, 2012

Explanation for CFATS eMail Change

Earlier this month I wrote a brief blog post about a notice on the CFATS Knowledge Center that the Help Desk email was changing. I mentioned that I had sent an email to the old Help Desk email to see how long the old email address would be active. Today I got a response that gave an indefinite answer to that question, but provided a little more detail about why the change was necessary.

The CFATS Team email explained that: “DHS email addresses now include a DHS-entity acronym immediately before ‘’.”  They then went on to explain that: “This email address format integrates independent email systems established throughout the Department and establishes the efficiencies of enterprise-wide email.”

While the Department is updating their web sites to show the new updated email address, the Department has taken measures to ensure that even if the old address is used, for some reasonable length of time (apparently not yet determined) the system will automatically forward the message to the correct address.

Change is inevitable, especially in a conglomerated organization like DHS. Appropriately planning for that change is unusual, even if only in the little things.

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