Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 06-05-12

The folks at ISCD Help Desk updated another six frequently asked questions (FAQ) responses yesterday on the CFATS Knowledge Center web site. None of the changes yesterday addressed the recent change in email address for the Help Desk, nor were any of the changes really substantive.

Three of the revised FAQ responses (#168, #616, and #636) updated links to various web pages in the extensive on-line collection of information that ISCD maintains about the CFATS program. None of these web sites linked to in these responses is particularly new. The change to the response to FAQ #168 does correct the inappropriate link that I noted in my earlier blog. It doesn’t appear that this is in response to my comments as the link to the RMP*Comp web site on the bottom of the CFATS Knowledge Center page that I pointed out in the same blog post is still a dead link.

The remaining three updates (#1373, #1471, and #1472) include some minor wording changes of a strictly editorial nature. The one common change in all three instances is the change of name from Chemical Security Compliance Division to Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD).

The fact that none of the changes today and most of the changes made Friday reflects recent changes in either the ISCD web sites or CFATS processes indicates that ISCD is conducting a fairly extensive review, perhaps wholesale review, of the responses on their FAQ list; a periodic requirement for any organization. If ISCD is going to continue to post a number of merely editorial FAQ updates on a daily or near daily basis, I will go back to an earlier policy of reporting on them on a weekly basis, typically on the weekend.

I will continue to report substantive changes as soon as I note them.

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