Thursday, August 18, 2011

CSSS Potential Threats and SAR Briefings

I haven’t written about any of the presentations at this year’s Chemical Sector Security Summit since I wrote about the slide presentations becoming available. One of the main reasons is that Ryan Loughin has been periodically reviewing the presentations over on his blog at He has a distinct advantage in writing about them as he was actually there and heard the speaker; that’s always a better way to review a presentation.

His latest post on the potential threats program is even better because he was the host of that panel discussion. Unfortunately, only the Carafano presentation from this panel is available on line.

Ryan also addresses in this post the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) panel discussion. The DHS/DOJ presentation by Steve King is available on-line, but Ryan’s blog also briefly describes some of the additional information provided by other speakers on that panel.

Lacking a video copy of the presentations, I suggest following the postings on Ryan’s blog. I’ll either mention them here or in my TWITTER posts.

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