Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DHS Private Sector Resources Catalog Updated 08-08-11

Yesterday DHS published the third version of the Private Sector Resources Catalog. This catalog was first published in May of last year and had one other update last November. The Private Sector Office has changed the format of the Catalog in this revision. As has been the case you can download the entire Catalog as a single document or as individual chapters. In previous versions the chapters were based upon organizations within DHS, this time the chapters are organized around the mission areas of DHS.

The available chapters now include:

A quick look at the ‘Preventing Terrorism and Enhancing Security’ chapter (of obvious interest to the chemical security community) shows that the reorganization has continued to the general organization of the chapters though the individual program description format and information remain pretty much the same as in earlier versions. The chapters are also arranged around functional areas rather than offices within the Department. The headings in this chapter include:

• Bombing Prevention, page 11
• Chemical Security, page 12
• Committees & Working Groups, page 14
• Dams Security, page 14
• General Physical Security Assessment Tools, page 16
• Hazardous Materials Transportation Security, page 18
• Hotel, Lodging & Retail Security, page 18
• Land Transportation, page 21
• Maritime Security, page 22
• Mass Transit and Rail Security, page 24
• News Sources, page 25
• Nuclear Security, page 26
• Passenger and Cargo Air Security, page 26
• Protecting Against Fraud & Counterfeiting, page 28
• Protecting, Analyzing & Sharing Information, page 30
• Terrorism Prevention, page 32

The ‘Safeguarding and Securing Cyberspace’ chapter comes closest to being the same functional chapter as found in the previous version of the Catalog. The internal reorganization of this chapter still makes it difficult to compare to the list of programs provided. The headings in this chapter include:

• Cybersecurity Assessment Tools, page 41
• Cybersecurity Incident Resources, page 41
• Cybersecurity Technical Resources, page 42
• Software Assurance, page 44

The change in organization makes the Catalog and its individual chapters a little more user oriented. It does, however, make it a little more difficult for a reviewer like me to determine what programs have been added or removed from the Catalog. Oh well, such is life. I still recommend that anyone with an interest in chemical or cybersecurity should download and review the appropriate chapter from this valuable list of Federal programs and resources.

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