Monday, August 1, 2011

Reader Comment – ISCD Personnel

An anonymous reader left an odd comment on an older post about the reorganization of ISCD; odd as in different than the normal type comment one normally sees. Since the comment is on a post from April, I’ll reproduce it here in its entirety.

“July 29, 2011 was Larry Stanton's last day at DHS. He will be sorely missed by the original and early CFATS team members that learned so much from him regarding all the critical elements of chemical facility security. EPA is lucky to have him as one of their new Directors for he will perform in an outstanding fashion. We wish him all the best and again, know that he will be missed both personally and professionally. Please keep in touch.”
I had a chance to interview Larry for a magazine article that I did for the Journal of Hazmat Transportation on the work ISCD was doing with the Center for Chemical Process Safety on defining a working definition of ‘inherently safer technology’ (IST). Larry had a good understanding of what IST meant from an industry perspective, particularly since he hadn’t worked in the industry. More importantly though, he understood the security perspective (not the safety aspects pushed by the environmentalists) of IST implementation.

Larry has been familiar presenter at the Chemical Sector Security Summits. This year, even though he had already been moved out of ISCD as part of the reorganization there, he did the presentation on ‘Theft and Diversion’. I’ve heard good things about the presentation; it is one of those that I had hoped that would be taped for web broadcasting.

I join the anonymous reader in wishing Larry every future success.

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