Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chemical Security Webpages Updated for ANSP

Yesterday the DHS Industrial Security Compliance Division folks updated their Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security web page with information about the recently published Ammonium Nitrate Security Program (ANSP) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). The update includes a one-sentence summary of the ANSP and a link to the DHS Ammonium Nitrate Security Program web page.

That page and its associated Notice of Proposed Rulemaking page provide a broad overview of the ANSP and the NPRM. There is no real new information that hasn’t already been discussed here or on other blogs, but it does provide a web presence for the new program that could see future development as the rulemaking progresses.

Page Dating Complaint: Once again I am seeing what appears to be misleading ‘last reviewed/modified’ dates on the bottom of the two new web pages. The date on the ‘Chemical Security’ page properly reflects yesterday’s publication. The 8-3-11 page date on the NPRM page does reflect the publication date of the NPRM and the page may have been published on that date but yesterday was the first date there was a public link to the page. The 7-28-11 date on the ANSP page pre-dates the publication of the NPRM that is referred to in the past tense on the page. That page may have been approved on that date, but that date is a week earlier than the final version of the NPRM had even been submitted to the Federal Register people for publication. I would prefer to see these dates reflect their actual publication dates for the initial posting of the web page.

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