Monday, August 8, 2011

New ISCD Director

It looks like we have a new permanent Director for the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division of OIP at DHS. Coming from TSA, Ms. Penny J Anderson, has apparently assumed that position recently, though I can find no official announcement. Instead I found this out through the CFATS Knowledge Center which today published an update for the response to FAQ1649 which includes providing the name and official address of the Director ISCD.

Actually, the Help Desk folk did this update in a new way. They put a note in the ‘Latest News’ section of the CFATS Knowledge Center page noting that the response to FAQ 1649 had been “updated to include the name of ISCD Director Penny J. Anderson”.  I like this way of letting everyone know about the change in a FAQ; it save the problem for having to search for changes.

It is disappointing however that the Director of an important DHS organization like this has to be announced in the change of address for FAQ. You would think that the head of NPPD or even the Secretary would have been gracious enough to publish a press release.

In any case, I would like to extend to Ms. Anderson a hearty welcome to the chemical security community.

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