Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Recovery – Flooded Chemical Storage Areas

I ran across an interesting article at (don’t you just love the Internet?) that looks at how farmers affected by hurricane flooding should deal with the problem of flooded pesticide storage areas. While a couple of the recommendations clearly only apply to pesticides (land application procedures for pesticide contaminated water for example), the general recommendations could apply to just about any chemical storage area.

Every chemical facility (in the broadest use of that term) that might be affected by flooding due to hurricanes or just atypical rains (and we’ve seen lots of that this year) need to consider what they are going to do when they return to a flooded facility. This needs to be included in any disaster recovery plan.

Remember, advance planning is an absolute requirement for these types of situations. For example, where are you going to get the personal protective equipment that is going to be required? The stuff stored in the flooded facility is going to be next to useless; you need to bring it with you when you return to the facility.

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