Monday, August 8, 2011

Chemical Sector Training and Resources Page Updated

Today the DHS the Chemical Sector Specific Agency updated their Training and Resources page. Two principle changes were made today; new training dates and locations were add for one program and another program was removed from the page. The Chemical SSA also updated references and links to the Chemical Sector Security Summit, substituting the link for the 2011 CSSS Presentations for the previously listed 2010 CSSS Presentations.

New Training Dates

The new training dates were added for the Security Seminar & Exercise Series for Chemical Industry Stakeholders. The new dates and locations are:

• Lake Forest, Calif. (8/16);
• Columbus, Ohio (9/8); and
• Fairview Heights, Ill. (9/15)

Program Removed from Page

The Chemical Sector Explosive Threat Awareness Training Program (CSETAT) is no longer on the Training and Resources page. The training dates on the previous version of the page have all passed so it isn’t possible to tell if the program has been discontinued or DHS is just keeping this off the page until some new training dates are scheduled.

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