Thursday, June 30, 2011

CFATS FAQ Update 06-30-11

Earlier today the folks that take care of the CFATS Knowledge Center web site updated one of the frequently asked questions listed on that site. It was a minor change to the response to FAQ # 1445 that was last updated in May, 2009. The change corrected a typo, substituting ‘DHS’ for ‘SHA’. This type of attention to detail reflects positively on the folks that take care of this valuable web site.

A similar attention to detail resulted in the link to the SSP Questions Manual found in the ‘Documents’ section of the CFATS Knowledge Center taking a surfer to the new manual even though there is no mention of the new manual in the ‘News’ section of that page. The updated link is attention to detail while the lack of a mention or explanation about the release of the new manual is either a questionable editorial decision or a communications oversight on the part of management.

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