Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coast Guard Chemical Transport Advisory Committee

The Department of Homeland Security published a notice in Monday’s (available on-line Saturday) Federal Register (76 FR 34240-34241) announcing that the Secretary planned to establish a Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) to advise the Secretary through the Commandant of the Coast Guard “on matters concerning the safe and secure marine transportation of hazardous materials in bulk” (76 FR 34241).

The proposed Committee would consist of up to 25 members representing the following private sector groups:

• Chemical manufacturing companies;

• Companies that handle or transport chemicals in the marine environment;

• Vessel design and construction companies;

• Marine safety or security companies; and

• Marine environmental protection groups.
Public comments on this proposed committee are being solicited by DHS. Comments may be submitted via the Federal eRulemaking Portal (; Docket # USCG-2011-0225). Comments should be submitted by July 13, 2011.

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