Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Personnel Surety Changes to CFATS Knowledge Center

Two sets of changes were made today to the CFATS Knowledge Center web page. Early in the morning a new entry was placed in the ‘Latest News’ section and then later in the day a separate entry was removed from that section.

Addition to Page

The added news item today stated that: “The CFATS Personnel Surety Privacy Impact Assessment is now available.” This was a vague restatement of a note in the Article that I discussed yesterday that stated that the privacy impact assessment could be found at Neither statement was very helpful in telling people where the document could be found.

Actually, all anyone had to do was to look at the ‘Documentation’ section at the bottom left of the page to find a link to “CFATS Personnel Surety Privacy Impact Assessment”. This link was apparently added at the same time as the ‘Latest News’ item. This section of the page has links to just about every conceivable CFATS document published by DHS.

Removed from Page

Sometime later in the day the ‘Latest News’ had the 4-13-11 item removed that had reported the opening of the registration for the Chemical Sector Security Summit. This was an appropriate removal since the registration has been closed since the 20th of May.

The article that supported that news item (Article 1720) remains on the site providing information about the CSSS.

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