Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HR 2017 Amendments – 06-01-11

As of 11:00 pm EDT this evening I have only seen two amendments offered to HR 2017 on the floor of the House that might be of interest to the chemical security community. Both deal with different aspects of transportation security.

Surface Transportation Security Funding

Rep. Jackson-Lee (D, TX) offered an amendment (listed as #12 in Tuesday’s Congressional Record) that would have increased the funding for the TSA Surface Transportation Security program by $5 Million. No specific use of the increased funding was specified in the amendment. The amendment failed on a voice vote.

TWIC Administration

Rep. Scalise (R, LA) offered an amendment that would “prohibit the use of funds to require an approved Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) applicant to personally appear at a designated enrollment center for the purpose of TWIC” ( This amendment was not published in yesterday’s Congressional Record so the exact language of the amendment (and thus its actual effect) is unclear. The amendment passed on a voice vote.

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