Monday, June 6, 2011

DHS Updates Chem Sector Security Summit Page

Today DHS updated their web page for the 2011 Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS) which will take place in Baltimore on July 6th and 7th (and 5th and 8th if you include the pre- and post-summit programs) this year. The updated information includes the agenda for the summit and procedures for getting your name on the standby list for attendance at the summit.


The general outline of the agenda is pretty much the same that was outlined in the preliminary agenda (there is still a link to the preliminary agenda on the current page; kind of odd in a pleasantly quirky way) that I discussed in an earlier blog post. The main difference is that there is a lot more detail provided in the descriptions of the agenda items.

Given the recent reorganization of ISCD it is interesting to note that there will be some familiar faces from the old regime making presentations at this Summit. Sue Armstrong will be reprising her presentation on the status of the CFATS – Ammonium Nitrate programs and Larry Stanton will be updating his presentation from last year (and the two years before that) on Theft and Diversion Chemicals.

Recorded Presentations

There is another interesting development mentioned in this agenda that I certainly applaud. On the listing for the 9:30 session on July 6th on “DHS Voluntary Programs and Resources Panel” there is a special note; “This session may be recorded and may be posted on the Web after the Summit.” I would have preferred to see all of the sessions recorded and posted, but it is a new technique for the organizers of this Summit, so a limited trial is certainly reasonable.

I personally would have liked to see one of the other presentations used for this trial (based upon my personal interests, of course), but I do have to admit that this presentation has the largest potential audience in the chemical community. That makes this a very reasonable choice for this experiment.

Hopefully this will be a wildly successful experiment and will attract wide spread attention in the chemical security community. The more hits/views that this presentation logs in the coming months, the more likely that this will be expanded next year; providing the bulk of the chemical security community with virtual access to this Summit.

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