Friday, June 24, 2011

The WMD Prevention and Preparedness Act of 2011

Yesterday two subcommittees of the House Homeland Security Committee held the initial hearing on the WMD Prevention and Preparedness Act of 2011 that will apparently be introduced today by Rep King (R, NY) and Rep. Pascrell (D, NJ). According to Pascrell’s testimony today, the bill will be (as I predicted) an updated version of last sessions HR 5057.

No new information here. Congress is still ‘very concerned’ about the possibility of al Qaeda developing and deploying bio-weapons. While I probably agree that biotechnology is developing at a pace that will inevitably allow easier development of bio-weapons, I doubt that the caves of Afghanistan, or even the ‘luxury’ complexes of Pakistan, are the areas that I would expect to see such development to take place. Actually, I would like to see al Qaeda undertake such development efforts in those locations; they would be the first and final victims of their research. Bug development is an inherently dangerous business requiring extensive physical infrastructure to protect the developers.

I wish that Congress would address the much more likely WMD attack potential, the security of very dangerous chemicals running up and down the roads and railways of this country. Some security measures might be nice and maybe some emergency response planning.

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