Sunday, June 19, 2011

OMB Receives CyberFETCH ICR

On Friday the Office of Management and Budget announced that it had received the information collection request (ICR) from DHS S&T allowing the establishment of the

CyberForensics Electronic Technology Clearinghouse (CyberFETCH). Readers may remember that this program would allow cyber security forensics experts to participate in a secure forum for exchanging forensics information.
The 30-day ICR notice was published back in April. There were no public comments filed in response to that notice so there is no obvious reason for the delay in submitting this ICR to OMB. It may be that S&T delayed the submission to keep it more in line with the timelines for the development of the hardware and software for the system.

Since this is a new ICR there is no telling how long it will take OMB to approve the collection. It could range from a couple of days to months.

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