Thursday, June 2, 2011

HR 1974 Introduced – Public Information

Rep. Quigley (D, IL) introduced The bill would require the Public Printer (GPO?) to establish a web site where the public would be able to view copies of all reports that the Executive Branch is required to prepare for Congressional Committees.

Long time readers of this blog will have heard me complain on a number of occasions about how it is nearly impossible for the public to get access to reports that Congress directs the Executive Branch to prepare on various issues. This bill would correct that problem.

It is interesting that the bill allows information in reports to be redacted if it is not allowed to be released under the Freedom of Information Act, but it does not specifically remove the requirement for posting copies of reports that may be classified or sensitive unclassified information. Not all such reports are required to have unclassified versions prepared.

I have no idea of the probability of this bill passing, but I will certainly track it and suggest that it appears to be worthy of support.

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