Friday, July 1, 2011

SSP Questions Manual Changes Identified

As I noted in a blog posting yesterday DHS has published a new version of their CSAT SSP Questions manual. I did a detailed review and found only a relatively minor yet necessary change. In the questions for RBPS 13 ISCD has changed the question headings to reflect the recent change from old color-coded Homeland Security Alert System (HSAS) to the new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS).

As I suggested in an earlier blog this was essentially a cut and past operation making the following word substitutions:

• ‘National Terrorism Advisory System’ for ‘Homeland Security Alert System’

• ‘NTAS’ for ‘HSAS’

• ‘Elevated Threat Alert’ for ‘Orange Level’

• ‘Imminent Threat Alert’ for ‘Red Level’

No other changes in the questions and responses were necessary to effect this transition. I suppose that the folks at ISCD will still have to get around to changing the Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance document, but this should take care of the people actually completing the SSPs for submission.

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