Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 ACS Conference

If you are interested in the field of industrial control system security and have been watching the standard sources on the Internet, then you have probably seen the announcement listed below. But on the off chance some of my readers with an ICS bent rely just on this blog for their information, I’m posting this at the request of Joe Weiss (he’s a hard man to say no to).

“Registration is now open for the 2011 ACS Control System Cyber Security Conference at . This is the 11th in the series. The details of the presentations can be found on the website. Highlites include discussions of the recent Brazilian power plant control system network compromises, the San Bruno natural gas pipeline failure, control system vendor contractual language that could prevent cyber disclosures, and means to secure combustion turbine vendor links. “If you have any questions, please call (408) 253-7934” Joe Weiss
Actually, this is probably the longest running ICS conferences and the agenda posted on the Applied Control Solutions web site gives a good indication why. Joe remains able to pull together a wide variety of experts to provide presentations on a wider variety of subjects. The list below provides the list of topic areas along with a single specific topic (selected by me) for each area; the complete agenda is available on the ACS web site.

● Industry - State-sponsored cyber activities against ICS (Night Dragon, etc)

● Government - Air Force discussion on CyberWar

● Hackers/Disclosures - IT hacker experience with Siemens controllers and VxWorks

● ICS Cyber Incidents - Control system incidents that could be caused by cyber attacks

● Equipment Issues - Microsoft perspectives on ICS cyber security

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