Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updated Pending DHS Security Rules Page

Well, I finally got around to updating the page on this site where I track the various rules pending at DHS. The information on this page is taken mainly from the latest Unified Regulatory Agenda though the lists of blog posts all refer to blog posts on this site.

Most of the changes made to this page deal with updating the “NEXT EXPECTED RULE MAKING EFFORT” entry for each regulatory action. I did remove two entries completely because I felt that they really weren’t appropriate for the topics associated with this blog. Those were:

● 1651-AA70: Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements

● 1652-AA53: Large Aircraft Security Program
Another proposed action (1652-AA66: Reporting of Security Issues) was removed because DHS has completed action on that rule making since the Fall 2010 Agenda was published. So, it is no longer covered under the Unified Agenda and there is no need to track it any longer.

I did add the new Coast Guard action (1625-AB64 Top Screen Information Collection from MTSA-Regulated Facilities Handling Chemicals) that I discussed in an earlier blog. It was added to the ‘Proposed Rule’ section.

Finally, one action (1652-AA58 Freight Railroads--Vulnerability Assessment and Security Plan) was moved from the ‘Long Term Action’ heading to the ‘Proposed Rule heading. This reflects the intention of TSA to start to take action on this rule sometime in the not too distant future. Supposedly they expect to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) in November; we’ll see.

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