Friday, July 29, 2011

Coast Guard to Webcast Meeting

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog posting about a couple of public ‘listening sessions’ the Coast Guard had planned for August to get public input on the ‘Certain Dangerous Cargos (CDC) Security National Strategy’ currently being drafted for maritime transportation systems. In closing that posting I suggested that:

“It would seem to me that, with the limited number of meetings currently scheduled, that the Coast Guard should maximize public access to these discussions by making one or both of these meetings available as a webcast.”
Well a post yesterday by Debbie Whaley over at notes that the Coast Guard is actually going to do that. She provides a link to the CG Flash Player site ( where the meeting will be broad cast, but there is nothing there now. Nor can I find anything on the Coast Guard web pages for the Office of Port & Facility Activities about the meetings (actually nothing much there but contact information).

In any case, I am glad to see that at least one office in the Department of Homeland Security is moving their public meetings into the 21st Century. To keep this kind of public access available, I urge anyone with an interest in the Certain Dangerous Cargos program to log on to at least one of the two meetings; both at 8:00 am to Noon (I’m assuming CDT; it wasn’t specified in the Federal Register notice) on August 2nd or August 18th.

For further information about the two meetings send an email to

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