Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cybersecurity Markup – HR 2096

Well, it really did have to happen sooner or later, a congressional committee is actually going to take some action on a cyber security bill. According to the Science, Space and Technology Committee web site, there will be a full committee markup of HR 2096, the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2011 on Thursday, July 21st.

This will probably be a real yawner for control system security personnel. As I noted in my earlier blog about the introduction of this bill:

“While the findings section of this bill specifically mentions “critical infrastructures for electric power, natural gas and petroleum production and distribution, telecommunications, transportation, [and] water supply” {§102(1)} there is not a single mention of control systems in the bill. The clear focus of this bill’s studies, research programs and grant programs remains the conventional cyber security areas of information technology, information and identity assurance, and networking systems.”
I suppose that we can always hope.

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