Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 09-03-10

Last week the folks at the DHS CSAT Help Desk added one new question to the extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on the CFATS Knowledge Center web site. That new questions was:

1690: In the Agriculture Survey, what is the meaning of the word “transfer” in the phrase “sell, transfer, or commercially apply”?

As is true with most of the answers on this site, there is no truly new information in the response to this question, just a brief clarifying comment. Still I think that it is worthwhile for anyone responsible for submitting CSAT information to read each of these responses; as it helps to understand the thinking of the people working at the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD). Anyone working CFATS issues at one of the facilities being asked to submit the Agriculture Survey should certainly read the answer to this specific question.

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