Monday, September 13, 2010

Training and Resources Page Update 09-10-10

Last Friday DHS updated their Chemical Sector Training and Resources page. They added brief bits of information about security exercises, the 2011 Chemical Sector Security summit and listed a new document available from the Chemical Sector Specific Agency (Chemical SSA).


Added to their brief description of the seminars and exercises held in conjunction with State Industry Councils, DHS provides a list of exercises currently scheduled for the remainder of 2010. The two exercises are:

9/22 New York State Office of Homeland Security - Buffalo, NY
10/7 Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council - Harrisburg, PA
I would be interested in hearing more about either of these exercises if any reader has information or links to information.

Chemical Sector Security Summit

At the end of their blurb about the 2010 Chemical Sector Security Summit (CSSS) is a note stating that information about the 2011 CSSS will be made available after the start of the New Year.


The Chemical SSA added a new publication to the list already on the page. They added the Chemical Sector Training Resources Guide. I reported on this Guide in an earlier blog. It can be requested from the Chemical SSA by email.

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