Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HR 3081 – the CR Legislative Vehicle

I made a mistake in my earlier posting about the pending Continuing Resolution. I reported that the legislative vehicle would be S 3676. The article I quoted reported that the Senate would use the State Department Appropriations bill, but did not include the bill number. I checked the House Appropriations Committee web site and they only listed the Senate bill on their chart of Appropriation Bills Status. This evening I had a chance to check the Senate web page that shows the results of today’s votes and it lists HR 3081 as the vehicle that the Senate will use to discuss and vote on the CR.

The Senate voted this evening to approve the cloture motion on HR 3081 (the vote tally was not reported as of 9:22 pm EDT). That means that the Senate will begin their discussion of HR 3081 tomorrow, probably starting with the offering of the amendment in the nature of a substitute that will be proposed CR. No other word on the Senate web site tonight about what other amendments might be offered before the vote on the CR is taken. That information may be available in the morning when the Congressional Record Daily Digest for today is posted.

The use of HR 3081 will obviously make the previous discussion about constitutional issues completely out of date and worthless. Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

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