Monday, September 20, 2010

Chemical Sector Training Resources Guide

As I reported last Monday, I requested a copy of the Chemical Sector Training Resources Guide that was recently listed on the Chemical Sector Training and Resources web page. I received my copy of the .PDF document on Tuesday. The email transmitting that document describes the Guide this way:

“The guide contains a list of free or low-cost training, Web-based classes and seminars that are routinely available through one of several component agencies within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
The email from the Chemical Sector-Specific Agency also advised that there were two new tabletop exercises recently made available by the DHS FEMA private sector office that were not listed in the Guide. Those are a Hurricane Tabletop Exercise and a Chemical Accident Tabletop Exercise. The later exercise scenario reportedly ‘simulates a chlorine rail accident with release of chlorine’. Exercise information can be downloaded at

The 28 page Guide provides an overview of the training resources made available through FEMA, NPPD, and TSA. It then provides a listing of individual courses that are available with a brief summary of each course. That summary typically includes a description of the target audience, the type presentation and a link to the course. For live courses taught at limited facilities or for arranging live courses to be taught at a local facility that link is typically an email point of contact.

Anyone with training responsibilities at a high-risk chemical facility should certainly get a copy of this document. Additionally, trainers in the emergency response and emergency planning business will also find this a guide to DHS training resources. Again, all you have to do to get your copy is request it by email through the Chemical Sector-Specific Agency.

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