Thursday, September 23, 2010

New CSAT Manual for SSP Preparers

Today DHS-ISCD updated their Chemical Security Assessment Tool web page, adding a link to a new manual; the CSAT SSP Edit Process User Guide. According to the ‘Overview’ of the manual it’s purpose is described this way:

“This document provides instructions to facilities for editing and resubmitting their submitted Site Security Plan (SSP) through the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT). The instructions explain how to edit an SSP, either through an administrative edit or a technical edit [emphasis added] NOTE: These instructions apply only to the CSAT SSP Edit process.”
New stuff of obvious importance to those that have submitted their SSP and then have to change it because of process/chemical changes on site, or because of something new learned in DHS audit/inspection. At the very least we have to new terms (‘administrative edit’ and ‘technical edit’) to understand.

Once I’ve had a chance to read and digest I’ll get back to you.

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