Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HR 3081 Status 09-29-10

This evening the Senate passed an amended version of HR 3081 that acts as a Continuing Resolution, keeping the Federal Government funded at current rates through December 3, 2010. The bill, as amended, contains specific authorization to continue the CFATS program through the same date.

There were two Republican amendments considered on this legislation before it passed on a final roll call vote of 69-30; with 10 Republicans voting Yeah and one Democrat voting Nay. The votes on the two amendments were closer.

The Thune amendment was considered first and would have reduced the ‘other than National Security’ funding by 5%. This failed by the slim margin of 48-51 with eight Democrats joining the Republicans in supporting the measure. The DeMint amendment also failed, but by a larger margin 39-60. Four Democrats and five Republicans voted with the other side in rejecting the move to extend the CR until February 4, 2011.

The temporary reauthorization of the CFATS program was found in §124 of the amended bill. As was expected, it was a simple date substitution for the expiration date of the previously amended §550 authorizing language.

As of the time of this posting (10:45 pm EDT) the House was getting ready to vote on considering whether to begin debate on accepting the Senate amendment to HR 3081. It will be real early Thursday morning before they can possibly vote on the bill, and it may be held for an afternoon session. The rule for the consideration of HR 3081 does not provide for any amendments, which is good since the Senate has already left for their election recess and doesn’t intend to come back to do legislative work until after the election.

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