Saturday, March 2, 2024

Transportation Chemical Incidents – Week of 2-22-24

Reporting Background – See this post for explanation.

Data from PHMSA’s online database of transportation related chemical incidents that have been reported to the agency.

Incidents Summary

Number of incidents – 34 (34 highway, 0 air, 0 rail)

Serious incidents – 0 (0 Bulk release, 0 injuries, 0 deaths, 0 major artery closed)

Largest container involved – Tankwagon (Sulfuric Acid With Not More Than 51% Acid) about 5-gallon forced out of manway when tankwagon pressurized for unloading.

Largest amount spilled – 30-gallons (Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Organic, N.O.S.) from 55-gallon plastic drum due to forklift strike.

Most Interesting Chemical: Sodium Carbonate Peroxhydrate, UN 3378. A colorless, crystalline solid that serves as a solid source of hydrogen peroxide. When added to water, product decomposes to hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate.


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