Friday, March 22, 2024

House Passes H Res 1102 – FY 2024 2nd Minibus

Today the House took up H Res 1102, House Passes H Res 1102 – FY 2024 2nd Minibus. The resolution was considered under the suspension of the rules process. After 44 minutes of debate the House voted 286 to 134 to pass the resolution.

While an official copy of the language of the resolution is not currently available, the resolution should contain the same wording as was published by the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday night. Passage of the resolution has the effect of substituting that language for the Senate version of HR 2882 and sending that bill back to the Senate for consideration.

The Senate began the process of the consideration of the House amendment to HR 2282 this afternoon, voting 78 to 18 on the motion to proceed to the consideration of the updated language.

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