Monday, March 25, 2024

Short Takes – 3-25-24

Water Utility Cybersecurity, EPA & CISA, and You. article. Another important piece of cybersecurity commentary by Jake Brodsky. Pull quote: “In addition, most small water utilities are well-water, not surface water. Well water quality is very consistent and does not usually change much. Surface water utilities, such as from a river or a lake can change more often, but even so, it rarely involves more than a couple changes per shift. Most of the automated systems were run manually just 10 years ago. We automate them to improve consistency and perhaps save chemicals by slowly adjusting dosages as needed over a relatively narrow range.”

Geomagnetic storm from a solar flare could disrupt radio communications and create a striking aurora.  Pull quote: “Satellite operators might have trouble tracking their spacecraft, and power grids could also see some "induced current" in their lines, though nothing they can't handle, he said.”

Cybersecurity Labeling for Internet of Things. Federal Register FCC further notice of proposed rulemaking (FNPRM). Pull quote: “In this FNPRM, we seek comment on additional declarations intended to provide consumers with assurances that the products bearing the FCC IoT Label do not contain hidden vulnerabilities from high-risk countries, that the data collected by the products does not sit within or transit high-risk countries, and that the products cannot be remotely controlled by servers located within high-risk countries. Specifically, we seek comment on whether we should require manufacturers to disclose to the Commission whether firmware and/or software were developed and manufactured in a “high-risk country,” as well as where firmware and software updates will be developed and deployed from. We also seek comment on whether to require manufacturers to disclose to consumers in the registry whether firmware and/or software were developed and manufactured in a “high-risk country,” as well as where firmware and software updates will be developed and deployed from.” Comments due April 24th, 2024.

US must establish independent military cyber service to fix ‘alarming’ problems — report. article. Pull quote: “But it [the report] did recommend placing it within the Department of the Army, with Cybercom continuing to be the force employer. Montgomery believes the Army has done the best in cyber, relative to the other services, placing cyber in the hands of general officers. Additionally, the other military departments already have subordinate forces: the Space Force under the Department of the Air Force and the Marine Corps under the Department of the Navy.”

Chinese Tanker Hit with Houthi Missile in the Red Sea. article. Pull quote: “The ship is owned by a Chinese company, according to the release. The Houthis previously said they would not attack any Chinese ships. It is possible it was a case of old information, as the South China Morning Post reported that the ship’s registered owner changed in February 2024.”

China launches Queqiao-2 relay satellite to support moon missions. article. Pull quote: “The spacecraft will enter a highly elliptical lunar orbit inclined by 55 degrees once it reaches the moon. The orbit is specially designed to support China’s Chang’e-6 lunar far side sample return mission, due to launch in May. The far side of the moon never faces the Earth, as the planet’s gravity has slowed the rotation of the moon over time.”

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