Monday, March 4, 2024

Short Takes – 3-4-24

Biden’s new data security order leaves industry officials, privacy advocates scratching their heads. article. Pull quote: “The order contemplates a near-total restriction on data broker transactions of sensitive data to adversarial countries or companies based in those countries. Americans that sell bulk personal data or U.S. government data to those nations would also be held liable for doing so. Multiple data broker firms, including Equifax, Experian, CoreLogic, Oracle and Acxiom did not return requests for comment.”

Feds Issue Contaminated-Mail Guide for Election Worker. article. Pull quote: “The guide advises that all election offices should have procedures in place to handle mail and respond to potential hazardous materials exposure, and all personnel should be trained on these procedures. Procedures will vary across jurisdictions, depending on the size of the jurisdiction and number of personnel handling mail, among other factors.” As these incidents are on the rise, again, all organizations should review their procedures.

A Cellular Wastebasket Reveals Secrets of Aging. article. Pull quote: “Although these pH oscillations are an exciting mechanism by which cells coordinate nutritional availability with the cell cycle, many open questions remain. For instance, it isn’t clear exactly how these pH oscillations are regulated, nor is it completely known why cells lose the ability to control pH oscillations in the vacuole as they age. Figuring out how this process breaks down could provide clues about how to intervene and prevent the cascading negative impacts on mitochondrial function and DNA repair.”

Secrecy around gas export terminals leaves public in the dark on dangers. article. Pull quote: “But in 1998, the EPA exempted facilities [from EPCRA coverage] “used to liquefy natural or synthetic gas or used to transfer, store, or vaporize LNG in conjunction with pipeline transportation” because the facilities are not considered “stationary.” PHMSA confirmed it does not enforce the Right to Know Act.”

NASA's ice-hunting VIPER moon rover getting ready to slither to the launch pad. article. Pull quote: “In the process, VIPER will become the first-ever resource mapping mission on another body in the solar system. These resource maps will be a vital step in establishing a long-term human presence on the moon.” 

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