Saturday, June 3, 2023

Short Takes – 6-3-23

Forescout predicts that AI-assisted attacks will soon target OT, unmanaged devices. article. Pull quote: ““We have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of vulnerabilities, especially given the number and types of devices connected to computer networks increasing at a similarly high rate,” according to Amri and dos Santos. “This has been accompanied by threat actors keen to attack devices with fewer security protections. The use of AI to find and exploit vulnerabilities in unmanaged devices will likely accelerate these trends dramatically.””

Top DHS official warns of 'absolute threat' to public safety, economy from organized retail crime. article. Pull quote: “While this kind of theft has been around for years, retailers say it's reached unprecedented levels, sparking deadly violence at some stores. And federal authorities now warn it's become an "absolute threat" to public safety and public health, declaring that violent gangs, dangerous international crime syndicates, and even groups with suspected ties to terrorism are increasingly dabbling in organized retail crime across the United States.”

UFOs: Five revelations from Nasa's public meeting. article. Pull quote: “"A lot of what we have is around the continental United States," he added. "Most people...don't like it when we point our [NASA] entire collection apparatus at your backyard."

Vulture surveillance system alerts Zambian park to poisonings. article. Pull quote: “One of the more innovative approaches is tagging white-backed and hooded vultures with satellite trackers to quickly alert wildlife managers of poisoned carcasses.”

Periodic Graphics: Cosmetic chemical concerns. graphic. Looks at chemicals used in cosmetic and hair care products.

Beauty retailers push for ingredient transparency. article. Pull quote: “It remains to be seen if ingredient suppliers beyond Inolex will participate. “Probably not,” says Ron Najafi, CEO of the contract analytical chemistry and biology firm Emery Pharma, “because many of the compounds used in personal hygiene and cosmetics have been grandfathered in since the late 1950s,” and US Food and Drug Administration regulations “do not require specific tests of safety.””

Catalysing clean-up. article. Pull quote: “Most readily available recipes can be classified as one of three production methods – phenyl-2-propanone (P2P), red phosphorus (Red-P) or Birch reductions.3 All of these methods produce aerosols of methamphetamine and other reaction species that settle on surfaces, not to mention reaction solvents, solutions and waste that may spill or spread during production.”

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