Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Short Takes – 3-7-23

Tesla is recalling 3,470 Model Y crossovers for second-row seat fix. ArsTechnica.com article. So where do you go for a recall when there is no ‘dealer’? Pull quote: “Tesla says it would contact affected owners by the end of February to arrange inspections of the bolts, which will be retorqued if necessary.”

Multiple House GOP budget plans to showcase divides on cuts. TheHill.com article. The budget battle officially starts Thursday when the Administration publishes their budget request. Pull quote: ““I’m working to get a budget that is fiscally responsible, and that goes big, but also recognizes we can’t eat the whole elephant in one budget resolution,” said Arrington, who said he expects the [official] House budget plan to be released by mid-April.”

Elementary schoolers prove EpiPens become toxic in space — something NASA never knew. LiveScience.com article. Pull quote: “Cosmic radiation is made of extremely high-energy particles released by stars, including Earth's sun. Our planet's atmosphere largely protects life on Earth from this radiation, but astronauts exposed to cosmic rays for a prolonged period of time face significant health risks, including radiation sickness and increased lifetime risk for cancer and other diseases, according to NASA(opens in new tab).”

NTSB to Open a Special Investigation into Norfolk Southern Railway’s Safety Practices and Culture. NTSB.gov press release. Pull quote: “The continued safe operations of Norfolk Southern is vital to the United States. The NTSB is concerned that several organizational factors may be involved in the accidents, including safety culture. The NTSB will conduct an in-depth investigation into the safety practices and culture of the company. At the same time, the company should not wait to improve safety and the NTSB urges it to do so immediately.”

Yet another atmospheric river to flood California later this week. TheHill.com article. Pull quote: “So much snow has piled up that some areas are beginning to experience structural issues, with buildings collapsing under the weight of the snow and ski resorts shutting down, according to Swain.”

Hospital’s water purification system stripped out chlorine, killing 3 patients. ArsTechnica.com article. Pull quote: “"Our experience suggests the potential danger of well-intentioned measures designed to improve water quality in health care facilities," the researchers wrote in their study. They outlined various strategies to help prevent such infections in the future, including switching to sterile or distilled water for patient care, regular sampling, and chlorine monitoring. "Hospitals must be particularly attentive to the threat of water-based infections," they wrote.”

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