Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Short Takes – 3-22-23

State of ICS Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure: Half empty, Half full, or Stay Focused on the Quest? post. Pull quote: “If one looks back one cannot deny that we are not in the same state the community was in 2010.  We are no longer surprised, we know what is going on.  The problem has been recognized and informed measures are being taken and best practices are being made available.  The last bit of work left is to get the decision makers in the policy community to “get it”.  They cannot do it with the IT computer science bias they tend to have.  This gap can only be bridged if they start reaching out for help from the community (and vice versa).  I am not thinking of ICS security solution providers.  They are part of the community of course, but what is needed is for the engineering part to start leveraging their expertise about the physical process so we focus on things like protecting PLC’s and not baby monitors.  As I often say “…It is worrying when the engineering community that is running the power grid, petrochemical plants, and water systems is not represented.””

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus Standards. Federal Register FRA notice of proposed rulemaking. Summary: “FRA is proposing to amend its regulations related to occupational noise exposure in three ways. First, in response to a Congressional mandate, FRA is proposing to expand those regulations to require that railroads provide an appropriate atmosphere-supplying emergency escape breathing apparatus to every train crew member and certain other employees while they are occupying a locomotive cab of a freight train transporting a hazardous material that would pose an inhalation hazard in the event of release during an accident. Second, FRA is proposing to change the name of this part of its regulations from “Occupational Noise Exposure” to “Occupational Safety and Health in the Locomotive Cab” to reflect the additional subject matter of this SNPRM and to make other conforming amendments. Third, FRA is proposing to remove the provision stating the preemptive effect of this part of FRA's regulations because it is unnecessary.”  Comment due date – June 20th, 2023.

Hazardous Materials: Information Collection Activities. Federal Register PHMSA 60-day ICR Renewal Notice.

Hazardous Materials Incident Reports - OMB Control Number: 2137-0039,

Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles in Liquefied Compressed Gas Service - OMB Control Number: 2137-0595, and

Inspection and Testing of Meter Provers - OMB Control Number: 2137-0620

Comment due date – May 22nd, 2023.

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