Monday, March 13, 2023

Committee Hearings – Week of 3-12-23

With just the Senate in session this week, there is a relatively light hearing schedule, but we are seeing the start of FY 2024 budget hearings and hearing on the National Defense Authorization Act, nothing yet of particular interest here. There are two hearings of potential interest here, one markup and one cybersecurity hearing.


On Wednesday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will hold a business meeting. In addition to three nominations, they are scheduled to markup one bill: S 559, the Fire Grants and Safety Act. This is a straightforward reauthorization for the US Fire Administration, it includes funding for firefighter assistance grants. I am  not really ‘covering’ this bill, but I am watching it.


On Thursday, the Senate Homeland Security Committee will be holding a hearing on “In Need of A Checkup: Examining the Cybersecurity Risks to the Healthcare Sector”. No witness list is available yet. Possibility that medical device security issues will be addressed.

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