Saturday, March 18, 2023

CRS Reports – Week of 3-11-23 – Big Tech Regulation

With the continuing interest in Congress on potential regulation of ‘Big Technology’ industry, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) published a summary document looking at the recent reports that the CRS has prepared on related topics. Those topics include:

• Antitrust issues,

• Content moderation and §230,

• Content moderation and free speech,

• Data protection and international data flow,

• Cross-border investment and commercial transactions,

• Net neutrality and common carrier classification,

There is very little actual discussion in this report, it is more of a CRS bibliography. The drawback to the document is that while it lists CRS report numbers, it does not provide direct links to the documents. A reader wishing to access one of the listed documents would have to copy the report number and conduct a search on the CRS Reports search page. The reason for this is that CRS frequently updates reports while keeping the same report number. Searching for the report number would take you to the most current information.

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